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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#FanArt Aurora (Child of Light)

Jose Enverga Dalisay V‎
 Aurora (CHILD OF LIGHT), My fanart of the unique RPG by ubisoft, and I actually enjoyed painting this because of the hair. I hate symmetry though, so I hope this works. C&C are welcome!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Novel: The Dog Stars (Peter Heller)

Published - 2013, Language - English, Paperback, Pages - 416
ISBN13: 9780755392629

Hig, bereaved and traumatised after global disaster, has three things to live for - his dog Jasper, his aggressive but helpful neighbour, and his Cessna aeroplane. He's just about surviving, so long as he only takes his beloved plane for short journeys, and saves his remaining fuel. But, just once, he picks up a message from another pilot, and eventually the temptation to find out who else is still alive becomes irresistible. So he takes his plane over the horizon, knowing that he won't have enough fuel to get back. What follows is scarier and more life-affirming than he could have imagined. And his story, THE DOG STARS, is a book unlike any you have ever read. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Book - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (Richard Matheson)

Remember that monster on the wing of the airplane? William Shatner saw it on The Twilight Zone, John Lithgow saw it in the movie-even Bart Simpson saw it. "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" is just one of many classic horror stories by Richard Matheson that have insinuated themselves into our collective imagination.

Here are more than twenty of Matheson's most memorable tales of fear and paranoia, including:

"Duel," the nail-biting tale of man versus machines that inspired Steven Spielberg's first film;

"Prey," in which a terrified woman is stalked by a malevolent Tiki doll, as chillingly captured in yet another legendary TV moment;

"Blood Son," a disturbing portrait of a strange little boy who dreams of being a vampire;

"Dress of White Silk," a seductively sinister tale of evil and innocence.

Personally selected by Richard Matheson, the bestselling author of I Am Legend and What Dreams May Come, these and many other stories, more than demonstrate why he is rightfully regarded as one of the finest and most influential horror writers of our generation.

Paperback, 336 pages
Published January 5th 2002 by Tor Books
Original Title: Nightmare At 20,000 Feet: Horror Stories
ISBN: 0312878273 (ISBN13: 9780312878276)
Edition Language: English

Saturday, November 5, 2016


1. Humans settled in Australia’s arid interior around 49,000 years ago, 10,000 years earlier than previously reported 

2. Early morning in the beautiful lavender fields of France... 

3. A hotel for wild bees

4. 8 of the coldest places in the world to live -

Monday, October 17, 2016

Paradise Lot: Gone-God-World #01 (R.E. Vance)

The gods are gone. All of them. 
Their last message to humanity was: "Thank you for believing in us, but it is not enough. We're leaving. Good luck." At first no one took them seriously. Until, that is, all the denizens of all the heavens and hells started showing up on people's doorsteps.

Creatures that were once thought of as myth are now refugees striving to adapt to life on earth. Trouble is, after eons of living forever, they're not very good at being mortal. 

Caught in the middle is Jean-Luc, a struggling hotelier who (reluctantly) promised to help these wayward 'Others' live in this new GoneGod world. But taking care of his guests, keeping his hotel afloat and dealing with the constant drama of the Others' lives is figuratively killing him. And now that an unusually strange Other is in town, his figurative demise might soon become more literal. 

Paradise Lot is a new urban fantasy series by R.E. Vance that chronicles the adventures of the humans and 'Others' alike, as they struggle to navigate this strange, new post apocalyptic godless world. 

The Cast: 
- The human Jean-Luc; 
- The angel Penemue; 
- The gorgon Medusa; 
- The fairy TinkerBelle; 
- The archangel Michael; 
- The succubus Astarte; 
- The poltergeist Judith; 
- The shade Bella... 

and many, many more legendary characters from mythology, folklore and fairy tales. 

Published April 29th 2015
Pages - 80, Series - Urban Fantasy, ASIN - B00WOSCUTK